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Welcome to Genius Extractions, your partner in oil extraction machines and equipment for a multitude of industries. Our reactors, rotary evaporators, chillers, and all other extraction equipment are made to assist in the extraction process for a variety of business types.

For those in CBD and THC extraction, our equipment will ensure that yours are the best among your competitors — we bring you Webinars and instructional materials to assist you through the learning curve you and/or your staff may have. Whether your operation is a seedling or a developed THC or CBD extraction enterprise, we can get you started and keep you going. Customize your extraction equipment from Genius to meet and exceed your needs and those of your clients, too.

For alternative medicines, for their use in hygiene, health, and home cleanliness, and as a way to heal everything from skin lesions to that smell coming from the cat litter box, essential oils are a tremendous asset to our daily lives. But not all essential oils are created equally — and if you have ever used the drug store variety of tea tree oil after having used the same oil from a high end, private manufacturer that uses only the finest terpenes, you know the difference. already. For those who manufacture essential oils, the short path distillation is where magic happens, and not unlike the makers of any other product who know minutia and details are the life or death of a state of the art product, those engage in essential oil extraction can tell you: the process must be just so for your extracted oils to be at the top of their class.

For this reason, Genius Extraction brings you options in everything from terpene retention for a better end product, as well as the most efficacious ethanol extraction and reclamation, among other things.
No matter the size of your operation for CBD or THC oils, essential oils for medicine, or vape pen oils, you will create premium products for your clientele when you work with Genius Extraction Technologies equipment and our team of knowledgeable experts who can teach you all you need to know about extracting everything from cannabinoids to tea tree leaves and everything in between.

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