“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” – Thomas Alva Edison

Welcome to Genius Extraction

 Since 2013 we have worked tirelessly in the oil extraction industry. Our passion and expertise provides us with a strong base for the development and production of our oil extraction equipment. Our thin films, reactors, rotary evaporators, chillers, and all other extraction equipment are made for efficient, large scale extractions.

Whether your operation is a seedling or a developed extraction enterprise, we can get you started and keep you going.

No matter the size of your operation you will create premium products  when you work with Genius Extraction and our team of knowledgeable experts.

Need more info? Check out our Consulting! We can teach you all you need to know about extracting everything from essential oils to tea tree leaves and everything in between.

“Simplicity is the trademark of GENIUS.”-Robin S. Sharma


A few things we’re great at

With a focus on scaleability, we have been relentless in bringing a process and equipment to an industry that is large enough handle any entrepreneurial dream. We specialize in the whole process of extraction including:


We pride ourselves on scalability and efficiency . One of the biggest wastes in the industry is oil waste, we make sure we get all of the oil off the plant material.


With over 300 instillations in process facilities around the world we have seen it all from large to small scale operations and just like the 3 bears we have the right size for you. Like chicken to waffles we compare your facility to plan.


If your concerned about the man come knocking at your door, no need, Genius has the           proper S.O.Ps  and documents to keep you compliant. Just remember the script and move on.


The most important part about implementing a facility is having the proper point person, if you need help writing a job description for this person, and or selecting from applicants, the success of your implementation is a direct result of the people you have working for you. Let us help you set up for success. Assistance with facility tracking and quality control documentation “Gram-Gram” tracking


Our Secret to Success

Our secret to success is our dedication to our clients and our excellent customer service. We hold ourselves internally to a basic mantra. This mantra simply states: We at Genius Extraction Technologies will give you 110%, 100% of the time in order to guarantee 100% satisfaction. We will do whatever it takes to win and keep your business. We believe customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of every successful business. We demand 100% satisfaction when we are the customer and we expect nothing less from ourselves when the tables are turned. We will do whatever it takes to keep you happy and keep our customer satisfaction rate at 100%.