Essential oil extraction is affected by many different factors. Traditionally, heat and pressure have played an important role in the extraction of essential oils. However high heat and pressure quickly destroys the more volatile compounds and degrades the true essence of the oil. Our system allows for essential oil extraction at negative pressure and temperature, now allowing for preservation of these volatile compounds.

The process begins with the double-jacketed reactor, walk-in freezer, or chest freezer, which allows us to keep a constant negative temperature on the solvent while the extraction process takes place. To achieve this, our cryogenic chiller takes our coolant down to -20˚C and this is pumped between the glass layers in the reactor.  Our solvent is kept in the inner container and the frozen material is soaked for a period of time.  The soak time is related to extraction needs so user experimentation is recommended to get the desired results.  Once the soak is complete, the plant material is removed and the extract is filtered into the rotary evaporator or large scale reactor, through a series of filters.  The rotary evaporator or reactor stays under vacuum, which allows distillation and reclaim of the alcohol at low temperature, thus keeping the more volatile molecules intact.  The reclaimed alcohol can then be reused for another extraction and the extract is drained and finished according to the user’s specifications.

Examples of product possibilities are: unactivated oil, concentrates, absolutes, tinctures, edibles and electronic vape cartriges.


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