The Genius Chiller Advantage.

Giving you precise control over temperature and process.

The new line of Genius chiller units produces greater productivity, more consistent product quality, extended equipment life and energy conservation.

Each heating or chilling unit is designed to maximize the productivity of your process.  We take the time to understand your current and future needs and deliver a solution targeted at high quality and fast payback.

If your application requires a more “engineered” approach, we will be happy to work with you to design and manufacture a system to meet your exact process requirements.


Genius Chiller Units Consists Of The Following


        • Air-cooled, aluminum fin and copper tube, 840 Max CFM (Water cooled condenser available)

Refrigeration Circuit:

        • One (1) Hermetic compressor rated at 2.5 H.P. utilizing CFC free refrigerant
        • High and low refrigerant pressure protection, compressor control module.
        • Hot gas bypass for tight temperature control, heating capacity & extended compressor life
        • Filter drier and refrigerant sight glass, hard brazed connections
        • Highest efficiency brazed plate evaporator

Circulating Pump:

        • 2 GPM @ up to 99 PSIG on 60Hz, with 0.5 HP motor upgrade for low viscosity fluid @ -40C
        • Fluid bypass/pressure regulating valve externally adjustable
        • Liquid filled pressure gauge in PSIG/kPA 100 PSIG


  • Off the shelf, no proprietary boards, field replaceable
  • Modular electronic solid state, Flash/Non-Volatile Memory
  • Full featured PID controller with easy Auto-tuning
  • Dual digital readout for set point and process temperature
  • +/-0.1oC on static load control
  • User adjustable temperature alarms
  • Cooling, heating, alarm, remote output indicators
  • DB9F, USB, LAN remote port, select type
      • Touch Screen Control
      • Level Low / Low Flow / Temperature Alarm
      • Remote start/stop -Auto restart when in REMOTE mode on power loss
      • Coolant over & under temperature warning light & unit shutdown
      • Level low switch and warning light and unit shutdown
      • Low flow switch, warning light, and unit shutdown
      • Remote On/Off via control closure, 24 VDC present
      • PLC retains program up to 20 years while unpowered­
      • Remote connector specification: Pins 1 & 9, NC – dry contact, chiller fault status. Pins 3 & 7, 24 VDC+ (pin 3), Common (pin 7), close for remote start
      • Remote Mode Memory, unit retains status, restarts on power loss

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