Low Temperature Air Cooled Chiller

Model No: GENIUS 400
Cooling Capacity: Rated at 1500 Watts @ -40°C, 1900 W @ -20°C, de-rate 17% for 50Hz

NOTE: Cooling capacity is pump dependent. Meaning some pump options will decrease cooling capacity.

Temperature Range: -40°C to 30°C
Fluid Type: Water/glycol, 40/60% mixture by volume, mixture is temperature dependent, call for other applicable fluid

Additional Performance Specifications:

-Includes E1 optional safety control package

-Unit is completely customizable via a wide range of standard options.

-Anti-flood-back equipped with supply line 1 PSIG high Cv check valve and return line solenoid valve

with high Cv, OPTION FBS

-Second supply and return bulkheads ½” FPT SS connections, OPTION B1/2

-3 phase models have phase / imbalance monitor, unit will start if out of phase. OPTION C5, C6

-OPTION PS, 4GPM magnetically coupled positive displacement type pump.  (low heat into fluid)


Unit Consists of the Following


  • Air-cooled, aluminum fin and copper tube, 4240 Max CFM (Water cooled condenser available)

Refrigeration Circuit:

  • One (1) Hermetic compressor rated at 4 H.P. utilizing CFC free refrigerant
  • High and low refrigerant pressure protection, compressor control module.
  • Hot gas bypass for tight temperature control, heating capacity & extended compressor life
  • Filter drier and refrigerant sight glass, hard brazed connections
  • Highest efficiency brazed plate evaporator

Circulating Pump:

  • 4 GPM @ up to 80 PSIG on 60Hz, with magnetically coupled positive displacement type pump @ -40C
  • Fluid bypass/pressure regulating valve externally adjustable
  • Liquid filled pressure gauge in PSIG/kPA 100 PSIG

Reservoir Capacity:

  • Seamless 2 gallon Polyethylene
  • Insulation included


  • Off the shelf, no proprietary boards, field replaceable
  • Modular electronic solid state
  • Flash/Non-Volatile Memory
  • Full featured PID controller with easy Auto-tuning
  • Dual digital readout for set point and process temperature
  • +/-0.1C on static load control
  • User adjustable temperature alarms
  • Cooling, heating, alarm, remote output indicators
  • DB9F, USB, LAN remote port, select type

System Readouts Diagnostic Display E

  • Touch Screen Control
  • Level Low / Low Flow / Temperature Alarm
  • Remote start / stop -Auto restart when in REMOTE mode on power loss
  • Coolant over & under temperature warning light & unit shutdown
  • Level low switch and warning light and unit shutdown
  • Low flow switch, warning light and unit shutdown
  • Remote On/Off via control closure, 24 VDC present
  • PLC retains program up to 20 years while unpowered
  • Remote connector specification: Pins 1 & 9, NC – dry contact, chiller fault status. Pins 3 & 7, 24
  • VDC+ (pin 3), Common (pin 7), close for remote start
  • Remote Mode Memory, unit retains status, restarts on power loss

Electrical: (For GENIUS 400)

  • Voltage/Phase/Frequency: 200-230V / 3 / 50/60Hz, Code C5, other phase and voltage options available.
  • Circuit Breaker/Amperage draw: 32A / 22FLA
  • Enclosure Type: NEMA 1
  • Cord type or Plug type: 15’ standard / No plug due to wide variance
  • Thermal protection of pump and compressor motors via motor overload device
  • UL, CE, IEC, & RoHS listed electrical components and practices


  • Dimensions: 48.5″W x 33″D x 48″H on Casters
  • Four locking casters with non-marring wheels
  • Black textured powder coat paint standard

Utility Requirements 


  • Supply & Return:1/2” SS FPTx4
  • Facility Cooling Water Supply & Return: NA
  • Drain:1⁄2”FPT with Ball valve
  • Pressure Relief: NA

Facility Cooling Water:

  • NA. Water cooled versions available
  • Smaller foot-prints by 65% approximate