Short Path Distillation By Genius Extraction Technologies  

The Genius Extraction Technologies Short Path Fractional Distillation System is a complete turnkey lab solution for your facility. We use only the highest quality U.S. made glass, German chillers, and ultra low vacuum pumps. Your system arrives with everything you need to be successful. Below is an itemized list of what is included:

 2 Liter Distillation Head

 Sub-Torr high volume vacuum pump

 Adapter for 4-7 mm Thermometer

 Non-Mercury Thermometer 6-7 mm

 Cow with Vacuum Port

 250 ml Receiving Flask

 500 ml Receiving Flask

 500 ml Receiving Flask

 Two-Liter Supply Flask

 Glass Supply Funnel 24/40

 Adapter for Thermocouple for 1/8 PT100 Temp Probe

 Hot plate with Magnetic Stir includes Temp probe

 Three-Prong Extension Clamps

 Clamp Holders – Max Grip

 Stirrer Plate Stand with Support Rod

 Dry Ice Cold Trap with 1000ml Receiving Flask

 Stand and Support Rod for Cold Trap

 Heater/Chiller Combo

 Beaker Chain Clamp

 Pack of Keck Clamps

 Heating Mantel, Two-Liter

 Vacuum Need Valve

 50 feet of 3/8″ Vacuum Tubing

 Laboratory Jack

 Pair of High-Temperature Gloves

 Pyrex Bowls

 PTFE Magnetic Wand to Retrieve Stir Bar

 Stir Bar, Magnetic Glass

 Velvet High Temp Heat Shield

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