What types and sizes of extraction systems does Genius Extraction offer?
Answer: Genius Extraction offers three different sizes of extraction systems based on your level of experience and/or the volume of your output. We also create custom extraction equipment units to suit your unique needs — these are available upon request. Current extraction systems include:

  1. Entry Level: 5L Reactor, 10L Rotary evaporator, and 10/40 chiller
  2. Professional Level: 10L Reactor, 20L Rotary Evaporator and 10/40 Chiller
  3. Industrial Level: 20L Reactor, 50L Rotary Evaporator and 20/40 Chiller
  4. Custom units available upon request

What is the lead time when I order one of your extraction systems?
Answer: Typically buyers can expect a six-week lead time with a 30% deposit. Genius Extraction does offer expedited shipping with a much faster lead time of three weeks with a 50% deposit.

Which payment options does Genius Extraction accept?
Answer: Genius Extraction currently accepts payments via wire transfer, debit/credit card, and PayPal — if you have questions about financing options, please contact us.

Do you sell/manufacture any essential oils?
At this time, Dab Genius only sells equipment and does not manufacture or sell any essential oil products.

Do any/all of the extraction systems come with training so we can teach our team how to use them?
Answer: Genius Extraction offers training at an additional cost. Training is uniquely geared toward the system you purchased and what you will be using it for. We also offer Webinars for more general information.

What solvent is recommended and where can we get it?
We recommend 200 proof KleenXtract alcohol which can be purchased either on our website or from KleenXtract.com. Free shipping is available with your first order with the code dabgenius.

Where are you located?
Dab Genius is located in Lake Arrowhead, CA

Why is this system better than any other system on the market?
This is the only system on the market that utilizes negative temperature and pressure to run the extraction. This allows for the greatest preservation of the volatile chemicals within the essential oil.

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