Genius Extraction Builds OSHA Product Line

For Immediate Release April 2016

With extraction facilities springing up across the USA, leading manufacturer Genius Extraction launches new OSHA Class I / Division II (C1D2) product line.

SanFrancisco, CA –

“The day is coming when all extraction equipment must be OSHA complaint. CBD and oil extractors with older style facilities will need to upgrade. And OSHA compliant gear will be the norm for all new installations. It isn’t a stretch to say every business needs to quickly get to this level of compliance if they want to stay on the right side of the regulations,” according to Robert Gaither, co-founder and Alchemist for

There are already several extraction methods in use by cannabis and hemp processors, from C02 to alcohol-based cold extraction. And they each have varying levels of efficiency. Much of this is based on facility size, processing volume and local demand.

Brenna Gaither, Genius CEO adds, “We have always tried to stay one step ahead of the curve. Our current lines are already among the most efficient dollar-for-dollar in the market. Now we are building our first OSHA Class I / Division II line. The system works much like our other process, but it is fully explosion-proof.”

DSC00663The OSHA components will add about 50% to the overall system cost but will yield obvious safety benefits, along with increased durability and reliability.

OSHA has recently filed suit and / or fined facilities that are not up to OSHA standards. And it is important to note that these higher national standards apply to all US markets, exceeding the jurisdiction of any and all local or state ordinances. Robert Gaither adds, “So if we think we are safe because local authorities aren’t pressing the matter, we need to think again. And it doesn’t matter if your current process is volatile or non-volatile. On the whole, this is a good sign for our industry. A sign that we are evolving and headed toward being a more mainstream business. Although it will take some work, Genius is excited about the opportunities to continually improve our lines.”

Genius has hired a noted Industrial Hygienist to guide the company through the transition process. Genius customers should call to discuss these issues with the sales and training teams. And if you are a current owner or prospective buyer, there are key questions you should proactively address with any equipment manufacturer. Click here to get this FREE REPORT: 7 Things to Know About OSHA Compatible Extraction Requirements.

The new Genius Extraction Class I Division II OSHA-Complient Equipment line is available for pre-order now.

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