SRS Series™ Solvent Removal Systems

Used for: Solvent Removal/Recycling of Cannabis and Hemp Oil

  • Capacity: Our SRS Series™ is available in 8G (30L) and 15G (56L) sizes. The entire capacity doesn’t need to be used to effectively process and remove solvent used when processing to recover concentrate. These systems are designed to enable bulk production and recovery in the volumes you require. This automation, coupled with the SRS Series™ logarithmic program, enables consistent solvent removal processing for a consistent quality product batch to batch.

  • Preservation of Yield: The CBG SRS Series™ operates in a controlled and enclosed environment within the unit’s footprint. It doesn’t possess a boiling column or a condenser in sequence, so the risk of valuable essential oils going up and into the condenser is avoided, preserving valuable yield.
  • Materials of Construction and Safety: The CBG SRS Series™ is made of high-quality 304-grade stainless steel (SRS1 and SRS2 Series are UL2208 certified; 316-grade stainless steel is available). The stainless-steel configuration is also quite durable, not subject to cracking or breaking, unlike expensive and fragile glass components.
  • Advanced Capabilities: The SRS Series™ is equipped with:
    • Standard PLC controls (SRS-1 and SRS-2 only)
    • On-screen cycle progress and diagnostic monitoring
    • Multiple emergency shut-downs for safety with pressure-relief valve
    • Multiple monitoring probes that accurately control operating temperatures
    • Collection bags designed to provide easy removal of the final concentrate from the boiling tank
  • Economics: Recovered ethanol is reusable for extraction and/or purification after distillation, greatly reducing future ethanol purchases and expensive disposal costs.

SRS-2  Series™ Technical Data

Default Operation Temperatures*

  • 70°C (158°F)

Approximate Solvent Recovery Rate**
ph/gph = liters/gallons per hour

  • 8g/15g=5.321/h

Approximate Solvent Recovery Rate
gal/h=gallons per hour

  • 8g/15g=1.4gal/h

Approximate % Solvent Volume Recovered

  • 90–97%

Approximate Processing Run Times**

  • 8g=6hrs
  • 15g=10hrs

Recommended Environment Ambient Temperature for Operation

  • 20°C–35°C (68°F–95°F)

Electrical Requirements– 8 & 15G Models

  • FLA=Full Load Amps
  • 208V/1PH/60Hz will require a buck-boost transformer to boost voltage up to the 220–240 range
  • 220-240V/1PH/60Hz
  • 8g/15g=27 FLA
  • Chiller=26 FLA
  • 30G models require 220/240V, 3-Phase Power
  • One 30 Amp power feed for the recycler and one 30 Amp power feed for the Chiller required

Vacuum Assist

  • Included air and electric options
  • 90PSI and 8CFM


  • Included

Exhaust Requirements

  • Vent to outside atmosphere or ventilation system

Space Requirements

  • Heights listed are with the tank lid open, all heights also assume 15-inch legs
  • LxWxH -8g/15g=164”x102”x96”

Dimensions of Unit

  • Heights listed are with the tank lid open, all heights also assume 15-inch legs
  • LxWxH 8/15g=92”x77”x74”

Weight of Unit

  • These are dry weights, does not include the weight of thermal oil or solvent volume
  • 8g/15g=1200 lbs. est.

Safety Ratings

  • UL2208 Certification
  • UL61010 Certification

*Temperature can be adjusted/programmed to specific customer needs and may also need to be adjusted depending on ratio of solvent to extract.

**Recovery rates/processing times may vary depending on ratio of extract to solvent.